If you know Coach, you know we love to encourage people to work on their core. It’ll result in a wealth of improvements, including enhanced performance in sports and the gym, better posture and increased protection against lower back pain.

So we asked Tig Hodson and Sam Prynn, founders of women-only gym StrongHer, for their recommendations for core moves for women.

“There are no exercises that are specific to men or women per se,” says Hodson. “However, there are some which we have found are more suited to women thanks to common types of posture and having had children.”

Here are a few of Hodson and Prynn’s favourites.

Dead bug

This is one that you’ll see us doing in any session. Lie on the floor with your arms extended above your chest, and legs held up. Focus on keeping your lower back pressed into the floor. Keeping the movement nice and slow, extend one arm and the opposing leg away from your body. Return to the start position then repeat, switching sides each time. Perform the exercises for around 45 seconds, completing two to three sets.

Pallof press

You’ll need a resistance band for this one. Tie your band to something (balcony/door handle/partner) and stand sideways to the anchor with your band held by your bellybutton. Keep your knees soft and squeeze that butt! Keeping your hips and body still, extend your arms straight out in front of you and don’t allow the band to pull you towards whatever it is tied to. To make this harder, add more resistance by stepping further away from where the band is tied.

Side plank

We aren’t huge fans of a regular plank, but we’re all over the side plank. It works your obliques and is a great exercise for any woman who is pre or post natal. Lie on your side and prop yourself up on your elbow. Keep one leg stacked on top of the other (try to avoid letting your hips drop back) and lift your body into a straight line – try not to overextend by pushing your hips too high. Hold for anywhere between 20-45 seconds. To progress this, lift your top leg so you’re in a star shape.

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