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Thomas here – today I’m breaking down the science of fat. I’m talking about the internal, visceral fat and the adipose tissue that creates that unwanted, stubborn body fat that you may be holding onto.

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0:40 – Adipose tissue is loose connective tissue that stores energy in the form of fat. Its functions include insulating and cushining he body as well as signals other hormone responses in the body.

1:30 – Visceral fat is an accumulation of excess intra-abdominal adipose tissue. This is the fat tucked in and surrounds organs. This form of fat is linked to glucose intolerance, diabetes, and all other kinds of metabolic disorders.

1:45 – Brown Fat V.S. White Fat: Brown fat warms the body and creates thermogenesis to allow the body to burn fat, while white fat works to insulate and act as a backup energy source when needed.

2:44 – Adipose tissue conducts heat at 1/3 the speed compared to the rest of the body, therefore, adipose tissue acts as the best insulation.

3:58 – Visceral fat releases inflammatory cytokines – molecules that are excreted from immune cells and certain other cell types that promote inflammation.

4:45 – Glucocorticoid receptors – Receptors that receive hormones like cortisol or norepinephrine. These contribute towards visceral fat responding to stress.

5:24 – Visceral fat reacts to carbohydrates the most.

6:24 –

6:44 – TRIP-Br2 – a specific molecule released due to overeating stress that causes bodily functions to stop such as burning fat and going through lipolysis. High levels of TRIP-Br2 slow the rate of fat burning in the body. Fat burning increases without the presence of TRIP-Br2.

8:03 – Learning to control our stress is beneficial to controlling fat gain and fat loss.

One of the best ways to target visceral fat to burn off and keep more fat from coming onto the body is through intermittent fasting. Fasting is a powerful and scientifically-proven way to help get rid of visceral fat, not just adipose tissue.

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