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In this podcast, I am speaking with Alex Leaf, a nutrition expert, researcher and teacher of nutrition at the University of Western States who will debunk some of the myths around proteins, fat gain, and insulin resistance.
In this podcast, Alex will cover
• What fat cell dysfunction is (And how it could be the cause of your chronic condition(s)?)
• What is your personal fat threshold and how might it be the barometer of your healthiest weight?
• How nutrition and physiology could be the root cause of your neurological or heart disease
• How does insulin resistance actually work?
• The role of dietary fat in insulin resistance
• How science has debunked some nutritional myths about heart disease
• Is protein linked to cancer?
• The physical effects of collagen and glycine
• And more
Debunking Nutrition Myths on Protein, Insulin Resistance, Fat Gain and More with Researcher Alex Leaf – Show Notes
Fat Cell Dysfunction – one of the most common nutritional causes of chronic conditions (6:19)
How physiological dysfunction can lead to heart disease or neurological disease (15:45)
How insulin resistance actually functions in the body (22:09)
The role of dietary fat in insulin resistance (28:00)
Nutrition myths on heart disease (33:00)
Protein (41:47)
Does protein cause cancer? (55:27)
How the blood reacts to carbs and fats (1:03:22)
The effects of collagen and glycine on your body (1:08:05)



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