The core is the star of most Pilates sessions — it’s true – but refocusing your attention to your arm strength could help you break through a Pilates plateau.

According to certified Pilates instructor and founding kuudose expert Keisa Parrish, the strength of your arms won’t make or break you while taking a virtual Pilates class, but is useful.

“I would say, however, strong arms are important in advanced Pilates exercises — especially [those] done on Pilates machines (tower, chair, reformer, etc.). You are using your arms to lift, hold, push, or pull your body weight as you stabilise and strengthen the trunk or lower body,” she adds.

Strengthening your upper body with Parrish’s moves could be the push you need to advance in your Pilates practice. As you go, though, remember to take rests and modify exercises as needed!

And while personal growth is a great benefit of her circuit, my favourite part about this workout is that these moves double as a warmup — although I can’t say the same about cooling down.

After your sweat, Parrish says to roll your shoulders back and forth four times in each direction, do a tricep stretch, and a chest opener stretch with a forward fold bend.

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