Epidemic infectious disease outbreak with person analyzing virus strain and worldwide situation. SARS-CoV-2 pathogen causing coronavirus covid-19 pandemic disrupting social and economic life

More than 100 years after the 1918 Influenza pandemic gripped the country, the world is facing one of the largest public health crisis to date with Covid-19. Although many factors in our society would seem to make us better positioned to contend with this new threat than before, the coronavirus is once again testing our ability to follow public health guidelines amidst political strife and the life science sector to develop effective treatments and testing.

The quest to develop a cure for Covid-19 has been a historic journey so far, driven by hope and urgency, with a mix of disappointing setbacks and encouraging progress. This public health crisis is perhaps the greatest test of our life sciences and healthcare industries to date. The struggle to develop a cure for Covid-19 is happening against the backdrop of a presidential election, the outcome of which could have a significant influence on how we combat the virus in the coming year. 

In this eBook, we highlight some of the life science players developing tests, treatments and vaccines. Investors share their insights on how Covid-19 is impacting their investment decisions. We also provide analysis on the studies seeking to validate potential cures and the role of government agencies in addressing the public health crisis.

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