Lets work that butt, make it bigger and tone with this 7 minute workout for men and women. 25LBS Kettlebell or dumbell.
Hi, I’m Ana Mojica, my family and I create videos on Youtube sharing workouts and healthy lifestyle tips. I firmly believe that exercise, good nutrition and a positive attitude can avoid or solve most problems we all have. To create these videos requires much effort and dedication, not to mention all the technical and material resources that are used to keep our channel. Any contribution on your part serves to support our cause. Every time we reach more people in the world, positively impacting their lives. You support can start from 1$ every month. The idea is to get you involved and to be part of this project.
So, If you enjoy the content, if you find yourself waiting for the next video, or returning to the channel frequently, and you have the means to financially support it, please consider doing so. Thanks for hearing me out, and whether you decide to support me on Patreon or not, I am very glad to have you as a part of the audience. Thank you!
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Song in this video Frontier – THOMAS VX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rib3jnvgKvQ



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